20 facts about me.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

So.. I was tagged by Nana to do 20 facts about me in IG. I posted there, and copied them here. Hehe

So here I go.

1) I have the longest name in my family. 15 alphabets without space.

2) The youngest out of 11.

3) I am a trained Medical Personnel. Believe me, Im lovin it. Who hates saving people's live?? Ehem.

4) Coffee Addict. Without coffee, hariku tidak cetia. Nampak?

5) Maths is my all time favourite subject. Masa sekolah dulu, kalau dapat B subjek math, terus rasa down takmau makan 10 hari. Over sangat.

6) I just love bearded man. Jangan tanya kenapa. I just feel like loving them. Hahaha

7) Karnivor. I dont like vege. Thought theyre tasteless. :P

8) Im 152cm tall, weigh about 47kg. This is my new measurement.

9) 24 year old.

10) Still dont have car, nor house. Masih miskin.

11) I love photography. I dont care spending my money for my cameras.

12) Im a right handed person, but have an ability to write JAWI with my left hand.

13) Rabun jauh dan silau.

14) I love games, especially extreme games.

15) Im a bad cook. I dont like doing them.

16) widower.

17) Takut saya terhadap ulat bole dikatakan tahap kritikal. Gimme crocodile, but not caterpillar. Gittew.

18) I wore jeans, selpiar jepun, tshirt most of the time. Dont expect me to wear heels, dress, blouse. You might not see it for the rest of your life.

19) I love guitar. I can play them pretty well. Ehem

20) Am a die hard fan of Bob Marley. Really a die hardfan.


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