Worth the worthy

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I sometimes doubt myself.

Was I really had enough those things that happened before. Or, I am actually are still going through them?!

I went for hours and days waiting somebody, not expecting much, but just wait. What Ive got? Nothing and I mad at myself.

I went for loong messages and calls, just to hear the voice. What Happened next? Nothing!

 Ive postponed my night like hourss just to have a talk session, and all Ive got is just a goodnight wish and thats it. No call, at all.

Ive done smallest thing to have a little attention, and all I know at the end of the day is, not worth it.

For just one more time, I wish I dont have to go through these things again, present and future.

I keep my hope high!

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