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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Last month was horrible. The worst month for me. I was admitted to the ward, sick here and there, unable to work, etc.

I still can endure all those things,but when it comes to feeling, thats was more than that.

 Me and my future husband (how i called him since we plan for that) argue a lots, fights, ignoring each other, etc.

 I made mistakes, so do he. We both did. So when we did, usually we'll apologise to each other, revalue the relation, and so on. BUT,

 Last week was terrific. I was dump, left alone.

 People dont usually change. When they did, there must be something behind it. Good or bad, depends on them.

 I tried to make up the relation. I really have tried! Orang melayu cakap bertepuk sebelah tangan takkan berbunyi.

This was happened to me. I was fighting alone, dan akhirnya tiada yang berubah.

 Ego barangkali? Im not sure.

 Bila kena benda macam ni, mula laa mandi tak basah, makan tiada selera, tidur tidur ayam, macam macam. Alhamdulillah, there is a friend yang bagi sokongan moral, mental, dan fizikal dalam waktu waktu kecewa macam ni.

 I never met her. Not even once. Tapi..

 "Babe, sihat tak? Cemana hari ni?"

 "Babe, bila laa nak jumpa"

 "Woiii. Aku nak datang sabah blabla blaa..."

 "Take care weii.."

 "Oi.. Mata cemana?"

 She texted me like we're bestfriend for years.

 This is fate. We never met, but we've gone through the same situation.

 She gave me loads of advices, tryin so hard to comfort me, and make me happy.

 " write something yang ada dalam hati kau skg. Boleh kurangkan sikit rasa sakit"

 I followed her advice. Everything. I cry, I work so that I dont have time to be sad all day long, I ate
 lots, and I write.

 Her name is Mar. Shes a good friend.

 P/s: I love u long distance sisters!

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